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Big Things Are Happening Here 01.05.2018

Since its founding in 1962, Oroville Hospital has strived to make quality health care accessible to the North State community. With this vision in mind, its physicians, nurses and administrative leaders have promoted services and innovative changes that offer a comprehensive approach to medicine. The hospital’s care programs place the needs and safety of the patient first, with state-of-the-art technology that delivers medical care at the same level as the top research and university hospitals in the country. Oroville Hospital is proud to be recognized nationally for its commitment to quality health care.

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Let's Discuss Midwifery & Women's Health 12.29.2017

Oroville Hospital Drive-Thru Flu Clinic 09.27.2017

Let's Discuss Robotic Surgery for Women 09.27.2017

Oroville Hospital Recognized as a Top Hospital in California 09.18.2017

Oroville Hospital has received recognition from U.S. News for its commitment to quality care. Named a Best Regional Hospital in the Northern Sierras, Oroville Hospital is also ranked number 28 of the approximately 420 hospitals in

Oroville Hospital Expands Ear, Nose & Throat Practice 08.14.2017

Oroville Hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practice is expanding with the addition of longtime community physician, Williston Hayes, M.D. As a board certified...

Oroville Hospital Recruits Autonomous Robot for Specialized Teleneurology Care 07.27.2017

Oroville Hospital patients can soon expect to see another addition to the hospital’s medical staff in the form of an autonomous robot named RED for Remote Examination Device....

Meet Our New Orthopedic Surgeon 07.24.2017

Oroville Hospital's 3K Salmon Color Dash 07.24.2017

Oroville Hospital is excited to be hosting this year’s healthy running/walking event during Oroville’s famous Salmon Festival celebration. The run/walk will be...

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