Advanced Robotic Surgical Technology 

Three Dimensional Visuals

Both of Oroville Hospital’s da Vinci Surgical Systems offer 3D high-definition visuals for increased depth perception and accuracy in targeting anatomy for procedures. This advanced, crystal-clear visualization increases magnification levels up to ten times normal size for more precision during surgery.

EndoWrist Instrumentation with Intuitive Motion for Improved Dexterity

During da Vinci procedures, surgeons have 100 percent control of robotic instruments. The EndoWrist, an advanced tendon-like instrument, allows maximum responsiveness to minute movements from physicians. The design allows for greater range of motion and dexterity than the human hand. Surgeons are able to move easily, manipulate tissue and close incisions with sutures in a more efficient and precise manner. In addition, da Vinci’s intuitive motion technology allows surgeons to operate with a steady, natural motion.

Single-Site Surgery

Da Vinci’s single-site surgery instrument allows for hysterectomy and gall bladder removal procedures to be performed through one single incision in the belly button. The minimal incision size provides virtually scarless surgical results, while reducing blood loss, scarring and recovery time. Patients are able to resume regular activities at a faster rate thanks to da Vinci’s advanced surgical capabilities. 

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