Advanced Robotic Surgery Services

Oroville Hospital’s skilled surgeons offer advanced surgical capabilities for several specialties. Patients eligible for da Vinci-guided procedures will benefit from the greater precision and control afforded by the Xi and Si Surgical Systems.

General Surgery

Oroville Hospital offers single-site gall bladder removal with its da Vinci Surgical Systems. With this procedure, surgeons create one single incision in the belly button, resulting in a virtually scar free procedure. The precision of the robotic surgical systems also allows removal of gallstones the size of a grain of sand, which can cause pain and block the bile duct if not removed. Da Vinci is also used for colon-related surgical needs. With this device, surgeons have the ability to easily remove precancerous colon polyps before they progress into advanced stages.


Da Vinci offers a variety of surgical procedures and treatments for gynecologic conditions: laparoscopic and single-site hysterectomy, uterine fibroids, cancers, ovarian cysts, uterine incontinence and infertility. Single-site hysterectomies are performed with a single incision in the belly button; a virtually scarless procedure offering reduced blood loss and recovery time for patients.


Minimally invasive procedures for urologic conditions such as obstructions and prostate, bladder or kidney can be conducted using advanced robotic technology. Da Vinci Surgical Systems are especially effective for prostate gland procedures as the gland is tightly confined and surrounded by nerves. The robot’s visual magnification and 3D capabilities enable surgeons to navigate the body’s tissues and nerves with precise movements.

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