Advanced Radiation Therapy Technology

The Clinac® iX linear accelerator with On-Board Imager® Radiation Therapy uses focused ionizing radiation to destroy cancerous cells while minimizing exposure to the healthy tissue that surrounds the cancerous tumors. When exposed to radiation, cancer cell DNA becomes damaged and can no longer reproduce. Eventually this causes the tumor to shrink as cancerous cells die off.

Oroville Hospital will treat patients with the Varian Medical Systems Clinac iX with Dynamic Targeting® IGRT. IGRT - or image-guided radiotherapy - refers to the use of sophisticated imaging technologies to guide the delivery of precise forms of radiation therapy using advanced imaging techniques.

Complimentary clinical resources are available as well as medical imaging including CT, PET and MRI.

Benefits for Patients

Through more precise targeting, clinicians may be able to increase dosage levels while decreasing target volume, providing a higher dosage of treatment to tumors while sparing surrounding tissue. Higher doses have been shown to enhance treatment effectiveness.  And better targeting reduces the possible side effects of radiotherapy.

State-of-the-art motion management techniques allow patients to breathe naturally during treatment sessions, increasing treatment accuracy, reducing stress and increasing patient comfort.

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