Oroville Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy in Oroville, CA

Dove’s Landing is now home to the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. The location offers an expanded gym area with new equipment, an upscale office and additional board certified therapists to meet your rehabilitation needs. Our team of therapists uses an individualized, interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation, assuring a faster and thorough recovery to health.

Our team treats patients with a wide variety of diagnoses and works with patients through every stage of recovery in the areas of:

  • Stroke
  • Neurological trauma, injury, or disease
  • Acute or chronic pain and generalized weakness
  • Orthopedic problems and arthritis
  • Joint/muscle injuries, wrist, and hand dysfunction
  • Amputation

At Outpatient Rehabilitation we are committed to offering wholistic treatment. We know your family, as well as your former and current life roles and living situation, impact your recovery and ability to function and thrive. Therefore, we incorporate family training, home evaluations, and community/school/work re-entry training whenever it is appropriate.

Outpatient Rehabilitation also offers free consultations with a social worker in our clinic who can help you navigate the system or just offer general support with coping.

The Oroville Hospital Rehabilitation Center is proud to offer several types of rehabilitation therapies to improve overall health and function:

  • Occupational therapy: utilizes purposeful, goal-directed activity to prevent, improve or restore physical and/or cognitive impairments
  • Speech therapy: assists in the rehabilitation of patients with language/communication disorders, non-verbal communication problems, cognitive deficits, swallowing impairments and patients in need of Speech Generating Devices
  • Physical therapy: provided to individuals who have had a change in their physical abilities and functional mobility due to accident, injury, illness, or surgery
  • Ergonomics: addresses the design of workstations, production systems, and work environments to ensure the health and safety of workers

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 530-712-2196 or via email at rehab@orohosp.com. The Outpatient Rehabilitation Center accepts all forms of insurance.

Oroville Locations

Dove's Landing 
2450 Oro Dam Blvd.
Oroville, CA 95966
(530) 712-2196

Physical Therapy Associates of Oroville
2224 5th Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965
(530) 534-5452



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