Dove’s Landing Multispecialty Practice

Oroville Hospital’s Multispecialty Practice at Dove’s Landing meets a variety of health needs. The practice features health care providers specializing in cardiology, primary care, interventional pain management and urology.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dove's Landing Multispecialty Practice at (530) 712-2171.

Cardiology: Our physicians understand matters of the heart and focus on interventional treatments to prevent heart disease and stroke. Services include stress test, echocardiogram, general cardiology and interventional cardiology.

Endocrinology: The endocrine system’s primary purpose is to produce hormones that help regulate organs and cells. Our endocrinologist works closely with each patient to determine the best medications and treatments to help the body’s systems function properly and work cohesively together.

Primary Care: We realize that knowing patients on a personal level is the first step to providing quality care throughout a lifetime.  Our physicians focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases and emphasize lifestyle changes to improve health and quality of life.

Rheumatology: Rheumatic illnesses can affect the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons causing pain and swelling that can sometimes lead to joint deformities. Our rheumatologist works closely with your Primary Care Provider as well as other specialists to create a unique treatment plan that is comprehensive and encompasses all of your health care needs.

Urology: Our urology department focuses on the urinary tracts of males and females along with male reproductive health. Services include management of urinary tract infections, kidney cancers, kidney stones, stress incontinence, erectile dysfunction, circumcision and congenital abnormalities.

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