Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Brain, Nerve, and Muscle Disorders

At Oroville Hospital, our physicians and neurodiagnostics technicians work together to create the best treatment plan for your condition and maintain the highest level of safety and care. Neurodiagnostic studies help doctors diagnose and evaluate disorders involving the brain, nerves, and muscles. Electrical activity in the brain can be measured by means of an EEG or electroencephalogram. Your physician may order an EEG to assess:

  • Seizure disorder
  • Confusion
  • Head injuries
  • Brain tumors and infections
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Metabolic disturbances

Oroville Hospital has provided neurodiagnostic services for over fifteen years. During an EEG, electrodes are applied to the scalp using a removable paste. Brain wave activity is then monitored and compared to normal brain wave patterns. From the patient's point of view, EEG testing is very simple and involves no discomfort. Testing is carried out by experienced, certified technicians under the supervision of a neurologist.

EEGs and evoked potentials (which test the brains response to external stimuli such as sound and visual images) are useful in diagnosing the presence and type of disorders affecting the nervous system.

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