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Fast Response Stroke Program at Oroville Hospital for Stroke Treatment, Prevention and Education

The Oroville Hospital Stroke Team is committed to stroke prevention, education, and treatment. This team approach to stroke care was created to provide the quality treatment and care necessary for stroke patients to minimize the effects of a stroke and help them return to a healthy, happy life. Oroville Hospital is a qualified Primary Stroke Center, as designated by the Sierra-Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency.

What many people don’t realize is that 80 percent of strokes are preventable, and with rapid treatment, death can be prevented and brain damage minimized. The Oroville Hospital Stroke Team is dedicated to diagnosing stroke and administering treatment quickly.

The Stroke Team works with the paramedics through the Sierra-Sacramento EMS system to quickly identify stroke symptoms so the team can prepare for patients before they even arrive at the hospital. Quick diagnosis of stroke through a CT (computed topography) scan shows the type of stroke and determines the course of treatment.

Additionally, the Oroville Hospital Stroke Team is dedicated to stroke prevention through awareness and education. The board certified team adheres to the protocols from the American Stroke Association to increase its success rate in stroke treatment. By increasing public awareness, the Oroville Stroke Team helps the public determine when someone is having a stroke so they can take action quickly.

If you suspect someone you are with is having a stroke, think “FAST”:

  • FACE- Ask the person to smile; does one side droop?
  • ARMS- Ask the person to raise his or her arms; does one drift downward?
  • SPEECH- Ask the person to speak; do the sentences sound slurred or strange?
  • TIME- If the person shows any of these signs, act FAST! It could save someone’s life. Call emergency services immediately.

The Stroke Program at Oroville Hospital provides an exemplary standard of care, based on advanced medical research. The stroke team approaches care with a strong multidisciplinary team that looks at stroke symptoms at every angle and provides continual care from the hospital stay to home. These practices foster better outcomes through properly and efficiently caring for stroke patients.

Stroke Support Sponsored by Oroville Hospital: Join the Stroke Support Group that meets the second Tuesday of each month from 12:30 to 2:00 pm at the Dove's Landing Conference Room located at 2450 Oro Dam Blvd. For more information about the Stroke Support Group, call 530-712-2196.

For more general information about the Oroville Hospital Stroke Team, call 530-538-3070.

Recipient of the Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award with Target: Stroke Honor Roll™  Award - 2022

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