Oroville Hospital uses Telemedicine to Get You Connected With Your Doctors and Specialists

Advanced telemedicine at Oroville Hospital connects our clinics with large medical centers to provide patient access to specialty care not available in the immediate area. Videoconferencing equipment and high-speed transmission link your primary care physician to advanced medical specialists and allow a real-time interactive diagnostic consultation and follow-up care.

Oroville Hospital Telemedicine is a well-established program utilizing both private and public telehealth sectors to provide patient access to a variety of specialty care. Our patient-centered approach encourages the integration of health care and community resources to address individual patient needs.

During a telemedicine appointment, the patient and the specialist can see and hear one another to promote the line of communication. The specialist asks questions and carries out an exam just as if the patient were making a regular, in-person visit to the doctor. High-tech cameras or other instruments may be used to get a close-up view of the skin or see inside the nose, ears, or mouth.

During the telemedicine appointment, the patient, primary care physician, and specialist discuss and agree on a coordinated plan of care. Tests and treatments are ordered and supervised by the primary care physician and performed locally.

Local residents can benefit from telemedicine technology in a number of ways:

  • Avoid time consuming and costly travel
  • Receive care from an expanded range of specialists
  • Receive tests and treatment in local community

A physician referral is required for telemedicine services and Oroville Hospital is available to host consults for out of area physicians. Additionally, patients receiving regular care from a specialist can then receive telemedicine follow-up care at the request of the specialist.

Joyce White, RN, has been the Telemedicine Site Coordinator for Oroville Hospital Telemedicine since its inception in 1999. She is experienced in both inpatient and outpatient case management and coordinating medical and community support services for optimal continuity of care. She also works closely with telemedicine advocates throughout the State including the Anthem Blue Cross Telemedicine Network, the California Center for Connected Health, and the University of California Health Systems to facilitate patient access to specialty care.

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