Valley Medical Imaging

Providing Insight Into the Inner Workings of Your Body

Valley Medical Imaging at Oroville Hospital provides comprehensive outpatient imaging services. We recognize that health issues are not always outwardly apparent; sometimes you have to look below the surface. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a detailed look into the inner workings of your body to diagnose and highlight medical issues. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to coordinate appointments and communicate imaging results to your physician as soon as possible.

Valley Medical Imaging services include the following:

  • X-ray: X-ray images are formed using electromagnetic radiation rays. Rays that are not absorbed by dense structures in the body pass through to create 2D representations of the body’s internal structures, allowing radiologists to identify underlying problems. We provide a full range of routine X-ray services including chest, spine, extremity, head, and abdomen imaging.
  • CT Scan: A computed tomography (CT) scan combines X-ray imaging taken at various angles with computer processing to produce cross-sectional images of the body’s bones, soft tissue and blood vessels. CT scans provide greater detail than traditional X-rays and are completed quickly, minimizing time spent under radiation for patients.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): MRI imaging utilizes magnetic fields and radio wave energy to form images of the body. These scans may be used to diagnose problems such as tumors, bleeding, blood vessel disease or infection. MRI’s also provide more detailed images compared to traditional imaging techniques.
  • Bone Densitometry: Bone density scanning is an X-ray-like technique used to measure bone loss. This scan is primarily used to detect osteoporosis, a disease characterized by loss of calcium and thin, brittle bones. Scans generally focus on the lower spine and hips as these areas are often susceptible to fracture.
  • General Ultrasound: Ultrasound imaging uses sounds waves to examine the body’s internal organs. High frequency sound waves help determine the size, shape and consistency of internal soft tissue structures to help physicians evaluate symptoms of pain, swelling and infection.
  • 3D/4D Ultrasound: Valley Medical Imaging’s newest ultrasound technology provides 3D/4D images of your baby. 3D technology provides a detailed full-body image, while 4D technology combines these images into a motion video. 3D/4D ultrasound does not replace regular ultrasound screenings that are standard during pregnancy and measure the health of your baby during development.

Valley Medical Imaging is located at 2809 Olive Hwy., Suite 130. For more information about services offered or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 530-532-8366. 

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