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OROVILLE, Calif. (September 23, 2021) – Oroville Hospital, a 153-bed Acute Care Hospital, has received recognition from the Lown Institute as one of America’s Most Socially Responsible Hospitals. Out of over 3,000 hospitals, Oroville Hospital ranked number four in the Nation and number one in the State of California.

“Oroville Hospital prides ourselves in our ability to provide the highest quality of care to all of our patients in our community. All patients are treated equally and given the care they deserve. We are honored to receive this high accolade,” said Robert J. Wentz, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The achievement comes from data drawn from the Lown Institutes Hospitals Index, a non-partisan health care resource that measures a hospital’s ability to provide quality of care to patients. In total, 3,010 hospitals were evaluated nationally and only 75 achieved Honor Roll status by earning “A” grades in the 3 categories used to determine the overall social responsibility.

The rankings utilized three main criteria’s to grade the nation’s hospitals on social responsibility. The first being health equity, which is determined by which hospitals invest the most in community health and pay their workers a fair wage. The second aspect is value of care, which analyzed a hospitals ability to avoid unnecessary care, while still being able to provide the best outcomes at a low cost. Oroville Hospital also ranked number one in the State for value of care. The third and final criteria evaluated is patient outcomes. This measures patient satisfaction and avoiding patient safety errors to prevent patients from returning to the hospital.

“Being a community-based hospital, we are committed to our patients and making sure that quality care is accessible to all members of our community. We are pleased that we ranked number four in the Nation for social responsibility and in the top six for cost efficiency. Only two hospitals in the Nation were in the top ten of both rankings,” said Robert J. Wentz.

According to the Lown Institute, many well-known hospitals struggled to achieve top grades due to low equity scores. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health equity has become crucial for American hospitals. Being a socially responsible hospital means that we are able to provide care for everyone in our community. Visit for more information.

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