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Oroville Hospital Takes Action to Improve Parking at the Main Campus

At Oroville Hospital our patient’s ability to access quality health care with ease is one of our top priorities. We understand that the lack of parking at the main campus has put a hindrance on our patients, and our executive team has been intently working on how we can correct this issue.

Starting in January, Oroville Hospital initiated a shuttle system that allowed Oroville Hospital employees to park at Dove’s Landing and take one of our buses to the main campus, thus reducing the amount of parking spaces being used by staff. Due to our employee’s eagerness to help alleviate this issue, the shuttle service resulted in a great success.

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding the use of our employee shuttles, and plan to take about 100 additional vehicles off of the main campus parking lot. This will result in an immense increase in the amount of parking that will become available to our patients and visitors. It is with the assistance of the Calvary Baptist Church and the offering of their parking lot, that we are able to expand this service. We would like to thank them for their generosity, and allowing us the opportunity to alleviate the limited parking places at the hospital.

All of this will be taking place while our expansion project enters the next phase of construction. Those who visit our campus will soon be able to see fences go up as our construction crews begin to clear space for our new tower, as well as additional parking. With the continual use of our shuttle service, we do not anticipate any further impediment to the parking arrangements.

Oroville Hospital is looking forward to bringing these profound advancements to Oroville, and would like the community to be involved with the progress of the expansion project. For those that are interested in following along, a live feed overlooking the construction site is now available at the Oroville Hospital website.


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