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Oroville Hospital: One of the Best Hospitals For America


Washington Monthly names Oroville Hospital as a Top Performer Amongst the Nation

OROVILLE, Calif. (July 14,2020) – Oroville Hospital  has received recognition from Washington Monthly and the Lown Institute as one of the Top 20 Best Hospitals for America. Oroville Hospital is one of only two hospitals in California that were selected to receive this distinguished ranking.

The achievement stems from data drawn from Lown Institute Hospitals Index, a non-partisan health care resource that measures a hospital’s ability to provide quality care to patients, while also contributing to the greater good of the surrounding community. In total, 3,200 hospitals were evaluated nationally.

The rankings utilized three main criteria to grade America’s hospitals. The first being patient outcomes, which signifies mortality, safety and satisfaction records. The next aspect evaluated was civic leadership. According to Washington Monthly, civic leadership is the degree to which a hospital treats its patients, and how much it contributes to community benefits. The third and final criteria they evaluated was the value of care being delivered to patients. For a hospital to be included on the ranking’s “honor-roll” of top 20 hospitals, they had to score strikingly better than the average (in the top 45%) in all three categories.

“We are very pleased that our dedicated team at Oroville Hospital has received this national recognition,” said Robert J. Wentz, President and CEO of Oroville Hospital. “This national ranking system is based on a new approach of analyzing hospital data. This analytic approach credits hospitals for superior outcomes, safety, quality, efficiency, and meeting the needs of the community it serves. These factors have been our focus at Oroville Hospital for many years. This high national ranking is the greatest recognition any hospital could ever receive and we're honored. Our excellent staff has always been dedicated to giving every patient that comes through our doors the benefit of their high skill and best effort, ensuring they receive nothing but the highest quality of care, no matter the circumstances.”

Washington Monthly notes that underserved populations can be more susceptible to receiving inequitable health care, especially during a crisis. But applauds their Top 20 for “simultaneously treating a diverse patient population representative of their communities, healing those patients, and not overtreating them.” They believe that other ranking systems “incentivize much of what is wrong with the current health care system”. Washington Monthly states that the new rankings they have developed with Lown Institute set a better standard for what patients should expect from their health care system.

The complete article published by Washington Monthly, including access to Lown Institute Hospitals Index can be found here:


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