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EXCITING NEWS: Psychiatric Residency Program

Oroville Hospital Psychiatric Residency Program – Creating a New Generation of Doctors

OROVILLE, Calif. (May 9th, 2024) - Oroville Hospital unveils the initiation of its Psychiatry Residency Program, marking a monumental step forward as its first residency initiative. Designed to nurture the future healthcare leaders, this program will traverse diverse medical realms, emphasizing communication, research, clinical expertise, and compassionate patient care. Our mission is to furnish residents with a robust foundation of knowledge and skills, empowering them to thrive in their professional journeys. Anticipated to enhance and broaden our community healthcare offerings, this program embodies our commitment to excellence in medical service.

“Launching the Psychiatry Program is a monumental milestone for Oroville Hospital. It marks a significant step forward in our commitment to mental health and education,” says Robert Wentz, Oroville Hospital’s president and CEO. “We aim to enhance our mental health resources in Butte County and neighboring communities and train future leaders in this field. I am excited for what’s to come from embarking on this journey towards holistic patient care.”

Mental health concerns have always been present due to the lack of psychiatric services available. Oroville Hospital has been taking leaps and bounds to act upon these concerns. The Psychiatry Residency Program signifies that physicians can now fulfill their residency locally, establishing their practice and delivering essential services and programs to Butte County and its neighboring communities.

“We are creating residency programs by our community for our community,” expressed Dr. Gerald Maguire, Director of Oroville Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education. “Today we embark on our mission to bring the best in academic medicine to our home where we will train and retain the best and most committed physicians to improve our healthcare for generations to come.”

“The accreditation of our psychiatric graduate medical education at Oroville Hospital marks the dawn of a new era,” stated Dr. Lynne Pappas, Director of Psychiatric Services. “It paves the way for attracting dedicated clinicians who are not only drawn to our community, but also inspired to plant roots and grow with us. This is more than a milestone; it’s the beginning of a journey towards a vibrant, health-conscious community.

As the Oroville Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program prepares to commence in July 2025, it symbolizes a significant stride towards addressing the longstanding mental health concerns in our community. With dedicated physicians like Dr. Gerald Maguire and Dr. Lynne Pappas leading the charge, we are poised to usher in a new era of comprehensive psychiatric care, ensuring that our community receives the support and services it deserves.

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