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Psychiatrist Lynne Pappas, MD joins Oroville Hospital 02.21.2019

Paradise Hearing & Balance Joins Oroville Hospital 02.01.2019

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Smoking? 01.21.2019

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Smoking?

It seems like every medical questionnaire asks if you’re a smoker. You may sheepishly confirm, acknowledging that you need to quit.

When you know it’s bad for you, why is it so hard to quit?


Flu Facts - Why Vaccination Is So Important 01.14.2019

Flu Facts: Why Vaccination Is So Important

Flu season is something that cannot be avoided. Even though each season varies in severity, it’s guaranteed to return every year.

According to Kimberly Basham, registered nurse and Oroville Hospital’s...

Healthy Eating Demystified 01.07.2019

Healthy Eating, Demystified

Most people know they should “eat healthy,” but that could have different meanings. One person may think a salad is healthy, regardless of how many toppings and how much dressing it’s laden with. Another individual could go...

Midwifery Open House - Nov. 15 10.25.2018

Midwifery & Women's Health Open House 

Join Us for an Open House
Thursday, November 15
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
2809 Olive Highway, Suite 310

        • Meet the Midwives

The Truth About Mammograms 10.19.2018

The Truth About Mammograms

Pink ribbons and marathons keep breast health in the public eye. Yet, women aren’t necessarily taking simple actions regarding their personal breast health.

Greater Risk Than Expected

Midwifery: Empowering & Educating Moms 10.19.2018

Midwifery: Empowering & Educating Moms

Learning you’re pregnant can be both a wonderful and scary realization, especially for first-time moms-to-be. There is so much to consider, from proper nutrition throughout your pregnancy to labor decisions when...

Drive-Thru Flu Clinic - Oct. 18 10.11.2018

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