Medical Concierge

Lending a Helping Hand

Our Medical Concierge service is there to help guide you through our health care system in order for you to get back to the important things in life. The medical concierge will talk with you, listen closely and review your medical history in order to custom craft the most efficient and painless road to recovery.

Services Provided:

  • Medical Support and Education
  • Information on Community Resources
  • Identify a Primary Care Provider, Specialist, and/or Surgical Care
  • Locate Convenient Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Services
  • Help Procure Assisted Living or Home Health Services
  • Moral Support

The Medical Concierge’s review starts at admission. You will receive education on medical resources available to you and be lined up with any necessary support once you are back home. Primary Care Providers are notified of your admission and receive your reports and documentation needed to help treat you after discharge. Following up with the right health care providers after discharge is an important step on the road to recovery. If you have questions about your hospital stay or need help finding a physician, please call 530-712-2172.

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