da Vinci Colorectal Surgery

Minimally invasive colorectal surgery

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Colorectal conditions can hinder a person’s quality of life. Whether your conditions are a result of colon or rectal cancer, or related to diverticulitis, minimally invasive surgery may be beneficial. Thanks to da Vinci’s advanced technology, surgeons are able to complete complex procedures with minimal blood loss and smaller incisions, helping patients recover quickly. Regain your health and strength with one of the following da Vinci surgical procedures:

Common conditions affecting the colon include diverticulitis, colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which encompasses ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Severe irritation of the colon from these conditions may warrant removal of a section of the colon to relieve symptoms or prevent the spread of cancer. A colectomy with the da Vinci robotic surgery system involves only a few small incisions to remove diseased areas of the colon and reconnect the remaining healthy parts.

When the rectum loses its normal attachments inside the body, it can slip out of place, an occurrence known as a rectal prolapse. Using the advanced precision and movement capabilities afforded by the da Vinci robotic system, surgeons are able to reaffix the rectum into its correct position, while securing its placement with a surgical-grade mesh to prevent future prolapses.

Discover the benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery.

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