Oroville Hospital Diversity Statement

Since the founding of our community hospital in 1962, Oroville Hospital has remained committed to enhancing the equitable well-being and quality of life of the exceptional community in which we live and work. Throughout the years, an abundance of thought and intention has gone into cultivating business practices that facilitate an environment where staff, providers, patients and community members feel represented, understood and appreciated.      

Some examples of efforts that have been taken, include the methods of which Oroville Hospital abides by when procuring various goods and services from business entities. We understand that as one of the community’s largest organizations, we possess a unique opportunity to support our local suppliers and economy. Thus, we take great consideration to ensure that the following commonly underserved certified business enterprises are utilized whenever possible. If you fall under one of the categories listed below and would like to submit to the hospital specific services and/or goods that the hospital may be interested in, please email info@orohosp.com.

  • Minority Owned-African American
  • Minority Owned-Hispanic American
  • Minority Owned-Native American
  • Minority Owned-Asian Pacific American
  • Women Owned
  • LGBT Owned
  • Disabled Veteran Owned

In addition to our conscious procurement of goods and services, Oroville Hospital has also taken great consideration to build an environment and staff that is rich in cultural diversity and coincides with the patient base of which we serve. We feel strongly that a great amount of trust and respect is exchanged when individuals share similar backgrounds, experiences, cultures, religion, or other personal attributes. With this, by ensuring a diverse team of care takers, all patients who come to Oroville Hospital can feel confident in knowing that they will be heard, respected and taken care of in the highest regard.



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