Oroville Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program aims to provide top-quality healthcare to Butte County and the surrounding area striving to attend to those in need while educating and preparing the next generation of Psychiatry professionals. This residency is organized to touch all areas of medical services, from communication, research, medical knowledge, and patient care. Our faculty and residents are teaming up to provide care to people in our community who are in need. We are committed to a well-organized and coordinated learning structure that allows our residents to challenge themselves and continue to grow and expand their skills. We value community by working as a team to improve mental health care in Butte County to allow patients to improve quality and quantity of life.

Mission and Aims

Mission Statement:
To train well-rounded, competent, and caring psychiatrists who can provide safe, effective, and quality care for their patients and the community through a rich and diverse curriculum, a team of experienced and dedicated faculty, and a lifelong learning and advocacy culture.

Four Aims to Achieve Its Mission:
The program aims of the Oroville Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program reflect its mission to train well-rounded, competent, and caring psychiatrists. The program strives to: 

  1. Equip residents with comprehensive knowledge and skills in diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders.
  2. Foster residents advocate for quality healthcare and mental health services for their patients.
  3. Produce residents who are lifelong learners and positive contributors to psychiatry with a strong commitment to serve our community long-term.  
  4. Support faculty and residents in enhancing their skills in caring for psychiatric patients across various healthcare settings.


Diversity in Our Program

Oroville Hospital Residency Program values the diversity of its faculties, staff, and residents. We strongly believe the variety of our team helps enhance the learning and working environment that benefits our residents and encourages growth. We see the beauty of having residents representing different cultures and backgrounds that many of our patients can connect with and bring trust and understanding. Our program provides residents with skilled faculty members dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse community. We provide our faculty, staff, and residents with cultural competency training at the orientation and annually afterward to restore and implement our expectations of treatment and respect in our diverse work environment.

Oroville Hospital Residency Program does not tolerate discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, background, or social or economic status. The Program Evaluation Committee monitors the diversity of the workplace every year and develops strategies to improve the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff.


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