Patient Financial Assistance

Financial Counselors Are Available to Help

For many patients and their families, a visit to the Hospital includes filling out unfamiliar forms and answering financial and insurance questions. The information provided here will help you with the process and give an overview of our financial guidelines.

Financial Counselors are available to help answer both financial and insurance related questions. They can also assist in the completion of the following forms and processes:

  • Application for Financial Assistance
  • Application for Medi-Cal/CMSP
  • Payment Arrangements for Financial Hardships
  • Community Service Discounting
  • Estimate of Charges

Financial Assistance
Oroville Hospital will extend assistance to patients whose financial status makes it impractical or impossible to pay for necessary and/or catastrophic costs of medical services. Services and procedures offered by the Hospital, with the exception of non-covered services, will be eligible for financial assistance consideration if the proper steps in applying are fulfilled. Once filled out, the application can be mailed in or returned to the satellite business office located next to the main registration lobby. The following items are required to determine if financial assistance will be granted on an “all, partial or nothing” basis:

  • Completed application
  • Income verification

*Completed application and requested information should be returned within 20 working days after receiving the application.

Financial Assistance Community Care Application (English)
Financial Assistance Community Care Policy (English)

Financial Assistance Community Care Application (Spanish)
Financial Assistance Community Care Policy (Spanish)

Financial Assistance Community Care Application (Hmong)
Financial Assistance Community Care Policy (Hmong)

Medical/CMSP Applications

Applications are available upon request. Financial Counselors can help you fill out the application to begin the eligibility process through the county.

Payment Arrangements
If a patient indicates financial hardship and demonstrates a willingness to pay, payment arrangements may be offered at the discretion of Oroville Hospital.

Community Service Discounting
Oroville Hospital is committed to providing financial assistance to those patients with limited or no health insurance to pay for medically necessary care. Eligibility requirements apply and community service discounts will be determined, evaluated, and applied based on specific criteria. All applications are processed fairly and consistently.

Request for Good-Faith Estimate of Charges
Estimates are based on type of service, length of stay, and history of patients with similar circumstances. Financial Counselors verify insurance coverage with your insurance company and inform you of what your insurance has stated. They will discuss the portion not covered by your insurance and investigate further if eligibility issues arise. Payment options will also be discussed.

The following are examples of services that may be billed separately.

  • Physicians
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Radiologists
  • Other Medical Professionals

If you have further questions regarding our financial assistance please contact:

Financial Counseling Office
Phone: 532-8265 or 532-8268

Customer Service
Phone: 538-8737

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