Interpreter Services

Ensuring Excellent Communication with Our Patients and Families

Oroville Hospital recognizes the right of every patient to understand and be informed about their health care needs. Furthermore, we realize that communication barriers may exist between patients and hospital staff members due to language barriers, hearing impairment or other disabilities. Oroville Hospital will take the necessary steps to ensure that a person with disabilities, including deaf and hard of hearing or speaking skills, or visually impaired receive appropriate interpreter services.

Patients have the option to use friends or family (who volunteer) as interpreters or to use interpreter services offered through the hospital. Services offered may include Oroville Hospital employees or an outside contracted interpreter service.

Interpreter services will be offered to patients who have limited English speaking ability or other language barriers, who are deaf, whose primary language is sign-language, or who may experience communication problems as a result of other disabilities free of charge to the patient or caregiver of the patient who is in need of these services.

Interpreter equipment may include:

  • Telephone handset amplifier
  • Telephone compatible with hearing aid
  • Paper and pen for writing notes

To review Oroville Hospitals Interpreter Service Policy click here.

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