Going Home

Preparations for a Smooth Transition Home

Case Management

Our Case Management team begins making plans for your return home as soon as you enter the hospital. Case Mangers oversee your transition home to ensure that all of your post-discharge medical needs are met.

Our staff will work with you and your health care providers to arrange for special equipment and home care services. We can also assist you with placement in a skilled nursing or residential facility if you require transitional care.

Preparing for Discharge

To help make your discharge a smooth process, the following is a list of things to have ready.

  • A reliable ride to pick you up from the hospital.
  • Gather all of your belongings, including any valuables.
  • Confirm with your nurse any follow-up appointments, outpatient procedures or prescriptions your doctor may have changed or ordered for you.

Discharge Medications

Oroville Hospital will assist you if you need to fill a medication your doctor has prescribed. If you need to fill a prescription when leaving, we are happy to phone and/or fax your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. Please bring your discharge instructions and discharge medication list to your first post-hospitalization office visit with your Primary Care Physician. If needed, ask for help in filling out your Universal Medication Booklet.

Golden Valley Home Health

Being well enough to go home from the hospital does not always mean you are able to take care of yourself without assistance. Our home care service provides nursing and rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home. Ask your doctor, nurse or discharge planner about home care benefits for which you may be eligible.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

For those times when your doctor recommends rehabilitation care after your discharge, Oroville Hospital's Outpatient Rehabilitation Center offers:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology Services

Consult your therapist, nurse or discharge planner for more information on outpatient rehabilitation.

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