Special Needs

Special Assistance Provided for Oroville Hospital Patients


Oroville Hospital provides language assistance to patients whose primary language is not English. Should you need an interpreter, we have access to interpreters for more than 200 languages through telephone interpreter services. American Sign Language interpreters are also available with advance notice. Please ask your nurse for help with interpreter services.


We respect the rights and needs of our patients with disabilities. Handicapped accessible facilities such as restrooms and drinking fountains are available throughout the hospital. Designated handicapped parking spaces are located near each entrance. TDD services are available upon request.

Assisted Devices/Wheelchairs

Oroville Hospital has a large number of phones for the visually impaired and amplified phones for the hearing impaired. If you feel that any of these devices would enable you to use the phone more easily, contact your nurse who can obtain one for you. Wheelchairs are also available. Ask a staff member for help obtaining one.

Please note that these devices/wheelchairs are the sole property of Oroville Hospital and cannot be taken outside of the facility.

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