Comprehensive Breast Cancer Services

Our breast cancer program provides the most advanced treatment available, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team committed to one thing: our patients.

Community Education and Prevention

The key to successfully treating breast cancer is education and prevention. Outreach and education is central to our commitment to making the Oroville community a healthier one.

Our team frequently goes into the community to educate women about the importance of mammograms and early detection of breast cancer. If you would like one of our team members to attend your event to distribute information on breast health, please contact our nurse navigator.

Screenings and Diagnosis

All screening and imaging services for breast health patients takes place in our women’s imaging center. This specialty location is home to some of the most advanced digital mammography technology available, in a comfortable environment designed especially for female patients.

The Women’s Imaging Center at Oroville Hospital now offers 3D mammography imaging with our digital breast tomosynthesis technology. 3D images offer a more comprehensive view of breast tissue as images are displayed as individual slices which allow physicians to examine breast tissue more closely. Compared to traditional 2D technology, 3D mammography is 41 percent more effective at diagnosing invasive breast cancers and 29 percent more effective at diagnosing all breast cancers, with a 15 percent reduction in false positives.1

Our staff understands that visiting an imaging center can be an intimidating experience. The Center for Breast Health at Oroville Hospital is proud to combine our advanced technology with hospitable, personal service and a high standard of care.


Treatment at The Center for Breast Health at Oroville Hospital means our patients experience care that follows the strict nationally accepted guidelines, closer to home and work than ever before. 

Just like with any disease, breast cancer does not affect each patient in the same way. Our program begins with a one-on-one consultation with a breast cancer expert who will take time to understand your day-to-day routine, hobbies and activity level. An entire team of specialists will meet to determine the best approach to treatment, and develop a care plan tailored to your needs.


Although breast cancer can be a stressful and intimidating diagnosis to receive, our patients are never alone. At The Center for Breast Health at Oroville Hospital, we fight your breast cancer together with our entire team of clinical experts.

Each of our patients is assigned a nurse navigator who provides emotional and clinical support along the way. She will explain each step of the process, and guide you through diagnosis, treatment and through survivorship.

In addition to clinical care, our team provides support through:

  • National and local cancer resources
  • Financial services
  • Pastoral care
  • Community outreach
  • Prosthetic and wig fittings

Friedewald SM, Rafferty EA, Rose SL, et al. Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination With Digital Mammography. JAMA. 2014;311(24):2499-2507. doi:10.1001/jama.2014.6095.

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