How to Get Started

For Physicians

If you are a physician or clinical professional and need to refer your patient to a breast cancer specialist, please call (530) 538-5630. Our comprehensive program puts communication first, meaning you will receive regular updates on your patient’s progress and treatment plan.

For Patients and Families

The Center for Breast Health at Oroville Hospital specializes in both the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

If you need to schedule a regular breast cancer screening and/or mammography appointment:

  • Please contact our Women's Imaging Center at (530) 532-8676 for appointment scheduling and answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Visit cancer prevention and education events in your area to learn more about what small lifestyle changes can reduce your risk for certain types of breast cancer.

If you are a breast cancer patient:

  • Request an appointment with one of our specialists at Oroville Hospital’s Center for Breast Health. At this initial appointment, our team will schedule any follow-up diagnostic tests and will walk you through treatment options and next steps. For additional questions, please call (530) 538-5630.
  • Find resources for patients and families. Each of our patients is assigned a nurse navigator who can help you find helpful resources and provide the tools you need throughout the treatment process and beyond. 

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